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I am an senior software engineer with over 12 years experience in software development. To obtain a responsible and challenging position with a progressive company where my work experience will have valuable application and utilization of my opportunity for advancement. Striving to become Erlang(OTP) and Python professional developer and architector.

Career Achievements
  • Design and implement system power emulator for HCM Electric Power company.
  • Implement XMPP client for Livechat business.
  • Implement ADS/ADC server using Webmachine, Mochiweb and CouchDB for Ads.
  • Using Riak open source core for JSON data storing/serving in Rich Media Ads system.
  • Exceptional problem solving capabilities.
  • Involved in interviews for assessment of new potential Candidates.

Independent Software Contractor (US, Mar.2014-Present)

Senior Erlang Developer (Voalte Inc., US, Mar.2011-Feb.2014)

  • Design and implement Voalte REST system.
  • Design and implement Volate TEST automation system.

Senior Python Developer (Epic Adv., US and Canada, 2008-Feb.2011)

  • Design and develop LiveChat client for Advertiser using XMPP protocol.
  • Develop some modules for Ejabberd XMPP server.
  • Migrated core application from C to Erlang.
  • Develop XMPP automation test BOT with EXMPP.
  • Develop backend for (Eyengage is Ad Virtual Design Platform).

Software Engineer (HPT IT, VietNam, 2007-2008)

  • Design and develop SDPS - Spaceman Data Processing System.

Software Engineer (FPT IS, VietNam, 2005-2006)

  • Design and develop LIS - Land Information System.
  • Land management using digital map (GIS).

Software Engineer (EVN HCMC , VietNam, 2001-2004)

  • Design and develop PSE (Power System Emulator) system.
  • Philip Fibiger (VP of software engineering at Voalte) | email: philip at
  • Justin Kirby (my colleague at Voalté, Inc.) | cellphone: +1 585 705 1877 | email: justinkirby at | jabber: zion at
  • Aleks Stojic (work together on freelance projects) | cellphone: +61 404 529 210 | email/gtalk: astojic86 at
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